Don't take our freedom away

Updated: Feb 2

Hello! Right now we have had our freedoms and God-given rights taken away for an election... or is it an illness? An illness that they refuse to let patients take medications such as Hydroxychloroquine (which even Apple took out of its dictionary) or Ivermectin. They have been proven to work but are being completely isolated from the people because they CURE so many other illnesses as well such as lyme and lupus. All for an illness that some say is short for Certificate Of Vaccine ID.

They have locked us in our houses stopping any socializing or good times. Why are stores open but not restaurants? So it’s ok to touch Chinese products but not glasses? Why can we go shopping but not to church? What they say just doesn’t add up to make any sense.

People are poisoning themselves breathing their own breath. It is our God-given right to breathe fresh air. According to the NIH, cloth masks have a 3% effective rate. Even a N95 mask works only for 20 minutes. Anthony Fauci said at the beginning of Covid masks were not necessary. It’s devastating to see people and children working and running in a mask that does nothing. We are locked up, muzzled, and silenced for a Chinese virus that is not just an illness but the silent enemy and a complete takeover of our country.

A large portion of people fighting for their freedoms had their social media accounts deleted without warning by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Parler was taken down from Amazon’s servers today. Americans that don’t believe what the media says have been completely silenced. Do you agree with this? Personally, I had built my FB account for 12 years and it was deleted without ever having a warning. I lost pictures, notes written and contact to dozens of people met over the years from all over the world that I will probably never find again. Heartbreaking.

Who ever would have thought that those that support The President of the United States and love their country and don’t want to be locked up and masked would be the bad guys, even terrorists? Most have been so brainwashed to hate our President that they are glad that this is all happening. People are blindly believing that masks are useful for this flu-like illness so they get a vaccine with horrible side-effects and ingredients that may alter your DNA and make you sterile.

Do you think your vote was counted in the election? Do you think Congress was right in not investigating any voter fraud? What will the results be for the people that allow their election to be stolen and all their rights to be taken away from them? They just spent four years investigating our president without any real evidence. There is an enormous amount of real evidence and they won't even open an investigation. Do you see a problem here?

In five years, have they ever said one good thing about the President of the United States? Why do you think that is? Why is he portrayed to be such a moron and everything he says about HCQ and election fraud are not to be listened to? When even the President of the United States has his social media deleted, fellow Americans please realize we have a huge problem and we must act now.

Please join us in insuring our natural, and God - given rights are honored and our voice is heard. If we let this insanity continue we will lose everything. It is a critical period in history that if we do not unite and join together against this tyranny then our world that we have enjoyed will be gone forever. If there is any part of you that thinks it doesn’t seem right to be isolated, muzzled, silenced and lied to, then please join now to band together in unity and demand that our rights are honored and the truth is told. There is no time to waste.


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